Friday, 15 June 2012

Here's to the man...

  • That makes us giggle constantly
  • That gives the very best cuddles
  • That holds us tight when we struggle to sleep
  • That comforts when the day gets too long
  • That keeps us safe
  • That encourage us to take part and be the best we can be
  • That always makes sure we know that our best is good enough
  • That takes us on adventures
  • That sacrifice his time 
  • That reads the best sleeptime stories
  • That knows "one mole digging a hole" by heart
  •  That patiently listen to grade 1 reading
  • That patch our bike tyres
  • That patch little hearts that gets hurt
  • That loves us to no end.
We love you to the moon and back dad!

Happy Fathers day to the very best dad in the world
(and the very best hubby too)


  1. aaaaw, what a beautiful tribute and lovely pics of the three of them.

  2. Awww, what a wonderful tribute. Say thank you to him from me too, I love to hear of such wonderful men.
    Hope your weekend was stunning.

  3. Very sweet...he's definitely a keeper. ;-)

  4. Such a beautiful tribute. And I LOVE the pics.x

  5. What a great tribute to him!! Hope he had a wonderful day!

  6. Hope he had a great day!!!

  7. beautiful words and simpley gorgeous photos :)


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