Thursday, 13 September 2012

Our life on Instagram - first week in September and weekend stuff

Life has been busy, especially at work. With no end in sight yet. But alas, we move on. I hosted Bookclub Tuesday night and I am very happy with how it all went - will post about that soon. My BIL visited us last night from Cape Town so we have had 3 very late nights - I am exhausted. Tonight it is to be for me at around 8 me thinks.

On to the past week:

Day 49/365 Wednesday 5 September. Our first Iris in bloom in the garden
Day 50/365 Thursday 6 September. The first Spring rains fell the previous night - first rainy day of the season
Day 51/365 Friday 7 September With pocket money and tooth fairy money saved all 3 kids got a small Lego set (or 2 depending on the savings). Much fun !
Day 52/365 Saturday 8 September. Urban sunset on our way to fetch pizza

As per usual, I have a few more to share:
Love this light!
Lovely Irisses in the morning light
From snow to hail in 3 weeks!

We seem to have 3 mad chickens that have now decided that our driveway is a safe haven - yes, possibly from the other chickens but most certainly not from two Labradors. We shall see - in the meantime they seem to stick to "their: side of the fence.
As to the weekend goals, it makes me totally happy that indeed, with the help of Hunter, I made most. :

  1. Paint the one wall in the lounge  Prep work done over the weekend - painted on Monday
  2. Get the recipes and ingredients ready for bookclub on Tuesday night  Done by Sunday morning
  3. Cover my books, write them in the files and post on the bookclub blog (private blog) about the book choices. Still have not done the blog post - but the girls are easy about that so I may just leave it.
  4. Clear the glass table area
  5. Tidy the kiddies area in the living room
  6. Tidy above the two tall cupboards in the dining room.
  7. Go to hockey games with the Princess Due to wet fields the hockey was cancelled.
  8. Swim with the kids
  9. Buy the Princess new ballet shoes (urgent as her's are totally danced away and exams are around the corner)
  10. Participate in Saturday snapshots.
  11.  Buy napkins for Tuesday (rest of the table stuff is sorted)
  12. Finish the invites for the boys' birthday party. Did this on Friday during lunch time
  13. Fisih the bookmark gifts for the bookclub girls.
  14. Finish the Spud book If you have read the previous books you have to read this one!
A glimpse of the bookmarks I made

All in all a run I may never be able to repeat. We had a very tough week so far so I think this weekend will be a lot more relaxed! So expect nice relaxing goals.


  1. I LOVE THE LIGHT!!!!!

    And the sunset :)

    But most of all, I love that you got your goals sorted. ROCKED!

  2. That hail is unreal! Great job on your to-do list!

  3. You did so well! Am very impressed. And I love the pics.

  4. Love the pictures. And how did you get all that done over a weekend and with 3 kids in tow!! WOW super impressive :-)

  5. Well done on achieving your goals. Love the bookmarks and I look forward to hearing about book club. Well done to your little lady for doing her own project. Too many children have theirs done by parents or older siblings, so I love to see a little person doing hers all by herself. Well done Girl!

  6. Wow!! You sure rocked your week/end!!

    Love those Lego sets! Jacob is already listing off new sets he wants for Christmas :-)

    Love those butterflies, too!

  7. I love the Iris, beautiful flower.


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