Friday, 2 November 2012

Whats happening

This is one of those rambling type bullets every now and again just filling you in on the everydayness of our lives.
  • I have actually managed to read 4 books in September of which 1 is a very thick read. I also read Marcia's book - Marcia, I am inspired. Its been a  very very long time since I have managed more than 3 books a month.
  • I am totally addicted to Poetry's "house" fragrance - the one they spray in all their shops. Hence a bottle has found its way into our house and it smells all Poetry now. I also bought a beautiful little typical Poetry white and blue dress which I love.
  • I have 6 weeks of work before we close for the December holidays. Wow, where has the time gone to?
  • The weekends to come looks crazy up until the end of the school year! Enough said.
  • I have not booked a photographer this year. To be honest I was looking out for a Groupon or such but got so busy at work that I never checked. I have asked my awesome cousin/friend A who takes lovely pics to do us a small family shoot on Saturday. Here's hoping for the best.
  • The bookclub girls have made a decision to not buy our normal R30 Recession pressies for our Christmas gift exchange but to each make something themselves to exchange. I am making one of my mosaic crosses but was very tempted to do washi stuff - but one of the other girls is doing washi craft stuff.
  • I won a gift voucher for R500 from Ackermans yesterday - have you seen their blog? Margot alerted me to it and if you tell them what you think about it you may win a voucher too. Mine is so going to go towards winter clothes for the kids as soon as those are in the shops.
  • Last night I had to rush to my mom's place - she felt faint and could not get up from her chair. When I arrived her friends in the retirement village had already helped but I stayed over to make sure she is fine. I got up at 5:15 this morning to be home just after 6 in time for the morning rush. I did not sleep well so I am totally exhausted today
  • Me L's glasses went missing somewhere between dinner on Thursday night and breakfast on Friday morning. He and presumably the glasses never went out of the house. We can not find them - I am totally floored by this!Luckily we have his old ones for spares.
  • I am making a photobook for the ballet teachers from the Princess and one of her friends. I am enjoying it so much and I can not wait to see their faces. (Unless someone else got the same idea)
  • One of the moms in the Princess' class is making a photobook for their teacher and has asked us for photos of activities related in any way to the school. I am amazed at how much the Princess packed into one year. And I can not believe grade 1 is almost over.
  • Last Friday the Princess had the unprepared drama Eisteddfod for the year. Unprepared drama is much more difficult than prepared as they get given a story line and a few minutes to come up with a plan and then get on stage. I was once again amazed at the confidence and imagination the girls have. They got an A which is brilliant. Of course, someone wanted and A+ which no one got. Sigh. 
So what's happening in your world?


  1. I can only imagine how exhausted you feel today. Did you talk to her throughout the day? Is she feeling better, you mom?
    I too would have been floored by the fact that one of my kids would lose their glasses.
    Your princess is flourishing in school and outdoor activities. So happy for her and you all.
    And big congrats on winning that Ackermans voucher. That is such a big plus when one have kids.

  2. Crikey, that's scary for your mom and for you. How is she mentally and emotionally?

    And yes, you must be exhausted (I don't know how you do it)

    Thanks for saying that you're inspired - I LOVE IT!!! If everyone who read it just tackles a couple of areas in their home, I will be sooo happy. World domination and all that jazz :)

  3. Hope your morning is feeling better? Will be praying for good health for her!

    WoW, you are one busy mama. Hope you find the glasses?

    Mrs FF

  4. Glad your Mum's ok - that's quite scary! I miss my Mum so much - you're lucky to still have yours - cherish her! :) I like your book club gift idea - special to have a thought go into your gift!

  5. Isnt this time of year just exhausting!!!

    Love the idea of a photo book for the teacher - I may do one next year for Camerons sport coach - she is by far my favourite teacher :)

  6. Wow, busy, busy, busy! Hope your mom is ok now. Very impressed you got thru so many books ... I seem to struggle to get thru one these days!

  7. So sorry to hear about your mom. I hope you have found L's glasses by now. You have also packed a lot into this year my friend...I am sure you can do with a good holiday.

  8. Hope those glasses turned up! Glad you have a spare pare. I'm very impressed with how much you've read lately. Between being busy and being tired, I haven't read anything since summer was over and school was back in session.

  9. Goodness you must have got a fright with your mom. Hope she's feeling better.

  10. I'm sorry to hear your mom wasn't feeling well - hopefully she's much better now? And good luck with the search for the missing glasses. Wow, your princess is super flexible. If I could do that with any level of comfort I might have been doing it all day just for entertainment. ;-)

    1. I am convinced its the ballet - they all seem to be rather supple

  11. Still struggling to comment from my iPad (?)

    Your life seem very busy now, but we are in that time of the year again!
    I think it is a good busy!


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