Thursday, 23 January 2014

December holidays part 1

When we took the decision to do a family December holiday last year, we could not have been more spot on in our timing. Family bonds were formed and strengthened - the kids were all at an age where they could form them and will have their own memories. We were all together for Christmas and some quality family time was spent with Hunters brother and family and his parents.

But lets start at the start - we drove down from Gauteng to a farm we totally adore somewhere between Smithfield and Bethulie in the Freestate. It is an area that Hunter and I both adore - there is magic to big open spaces, magical stars and the wind playing in the windpumps. Not to mention the fantastic Karoo food and stunning old house.

Just before turning off to the farm we had the best pies ever at Kuilfontein padstal.
 After arriving at the farm and unpacking only what we needed there Hunter had a nap and the kids and I played around the house. There was cycling and running until they discovered froglets in the "leivoor" which kept them busy for ages.

After some much needed refreshment I went for a nap and the rest of the family for a long walk.

 I woke up refreshed after about an hour and went in search for them - seeing a little pink top far away close to one of the farm dams. I made my way there to find them having a swim in the dam. (I joined them after the pictures - it was hugely refreshing)

Looking back to the farm house from the dam.
 It was a wonderful afternoon - Hunter had a quick bike ride and we had a lovely dinner. To top it all the moon was bright and full over the karoo.
 We left very early the next morning for Houtbay, Cape Town. Dawn was simply spectacular from the car.
We arrived around midday in Houtbay to big welcomes from the cousins. We also got to meet their lovely puppy and after unpacking etc we headed to Houtbay beach for a bit of a swim and then to their pool. Oh gosh, was it cold for us after the last 4 years of North coast Natal waters! But fantastic weather for Cape Town


  1. Sounds awesome Cat. Your memories are so well captured in your photos.

  2. aaah, I love that you rotated rest time :)

    that farm sounds amazing and you're right - wide open spaces let you just BREATHE again



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