Thursday, 26 June 2014

So sick and tired...

of being sick and tired.

Honestly this year has been tough - as I knew (hence my chosen word for the year - "Brave"). However things are certain to now move on to happier spaces.

My shoulder operation is over - I have been dismissed from physio and bar some exercises I have to do at home I am 95% rehabilitated and almost have full use. I have to wait for another 3 months to pick up heavy stuff - but I can live with that. The whole experience have been humbling (being so hugely dependent for 6 weeks) and I have never been more grateful for the partner in life I was given. It was also very sore (let's not bluff about that one) but I am pain free mostly now - more than I had been before the operation.

My mom is slowly moving on too - she is now without a cast the first time in almost 6 months. She is still wearing a moon boot but moving onwards.

We also lost our puppy B as some of you may know. Her whole body just gave in - pure old age. 

We bargained for all this and the usual sick kid here and there. What we did not bargain on however was the nice curve ball that hit us this weekend. Me and all 3 kids down with Influenza A - each with our own little unique package of secondary infections and each with our own little pharmacy of meds. I tell you it's no joke - cold and flu symptoms with some tummy bug stuff thrown in for fun. It was epic. At times I wanted to cry - maybe I did cry but felt to crappy to know. But today, we are all back at our posts - and tomorrow school breaks up for the holidays.

Really I need happy spaces - loving spaces - healthy spaces. Just a lot of happy please! Please! Pretty please!

Onwards with the rainbows and unicorns right now!


  1. OH Cat! I feel for you. I have no words really except that I am really glad to hear you are on the other side of most of the Yuckiness. I wish you a wonderful, healthy and happy winter break.

  2. You guys have really had a bad run with the illness.

    But you only really get sick in winter right? (we've had 4 appts plus meds this month but I tell myself it's the FIRST TIME this year)

    I can take flu any day but tummy bugs. Oh my hat - no.

    get well soon, all of you!!!

  3. Hope you all feel better soon!

  4. I hope things are looking up today. You know you will come back into your happy cycle soon, just hold on.

  5. Shame!!! I hope the second half of 2014 is better for you all XXX

  6. Hope you are all on the mend? Wishing you good health

  7. Hope you have a good rest now with the holidays! Even if you don't go away, it is just nice to be more chilled without the school juggling each day.
    Glad to hear your shoulder is better!

  8. Shew...Murphy seem to have your number Cat. Hope you feel better by glad you are getting your mobility back.


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