Monday, 20 June 2016

For a rest and a bit...

So how has everybody been? I took a nice 4 day long weekend with the kids and it was really great - well mostly. But don't you agree with me - school should have closed down on Wednesday - now we have this loos week in between and honestly no one is feeling like school. All 3 kids had quite a bit of homework today so it is not like the academics has slowed down on bit. Our weekend in a nutshell:
  • The boys both had friends over on Friday after both the friend's moms helped me out for a few hours the morning while I took A to the doctor. The boys had huge fun - all 4 or the two sets apart. The lounge was turned into a Lego den for most of the day and the next and wonderful creations were build.

  • After participating in a hockey course on Thursday A had to pay a visit to the doctor on Friday morning with a swollen and sore foot. Turns out a stress fracture has been forming over a period of time and that the hockey was just the last straw. 4 Weeks of rest, strapping and some anti inflammatories and she should be good for the go. Apparently a rather common event for growing kids especially dancers, gymnasts, long jumpers and long distance runners.
  • C yesterday had a huge fall while walking with the dogs - so he has grazed knees, an ankle and an elbow. The poor kid is walking with greater difficulty than A at the moment.
  • We saw the Angry birds movie - the kids loved it - I should have taken a podcast or something along... Honestly most kids movies give something adults can enjoy - this one - nothing! Or am I the odd on out here? Please give me some feedback.

  •  A had two parties - a Disco dance one on Wednesday night which was a huge hit with all the boys and girls. It was for a boy /girl twin pair that are leaving for the USA this week - so a farewell too. She also had a very relaxed picnic under the trees at the Botanical garden on Saturday where they all just chilled.
  • I also managed to get all the kids mostly sorted with winter clothes - yes I know, it's halfway through but I just did not get the chance up to now. I have to take them all along and can really not buy for them without them with me any more. 
  • We tried to make yesterday a great Fathersday for our Hunter - he is such  a brilliant dad and deserves every minute of the day. We took him breakfast in bed and had lunch at my moms. (Which he helped to cook but was happy to do so)

  •  And we realized once again on Saturday night that the kids will push boundaries - even at 11 and 8 and that you have to lay down the lines. Hence there are two kids in our house with no access to their tablets and no TV until we decide that they have done their dues.
It was a really good weekend - all things considered the downs were really less than the greats. Now onwards to the holidays.


  1. Ha! You could quite easily have put in an earbud and listened to a podcast or two :)

  2. We also had a good weekend with visitors and Nicky's party. Sorry your kids are having injuries, that's awful.
    Regarding winter clothes I often buy ahead with the sales and only this weekend went through his cupboard to find things I'd got months ago just sitting there not being used, oh well :)

    1. I used to buy ahead too but now I need them with me to fit and choose - as they grow not all styles may fit their bodies. It was way easier when they were smaller

  3. Yay for 4 day weekends. Hope A and C are back to fighting fit soon. We did lots of family visiting.

  4. Gosh, Liam has "ordered" a Lego fire station for his birthday so we'll have Lego all over the place again. Glad to see we aren't the only one that use those handy tool boxes to sort out the Lego.
    I don't know, I quite enjoyed Angry Birds. There were a few things which only adults would have picked up on. Better than the Peanuts Movie and Minions.
    Liam is still wearing short and t-shirts, although I did manage to drop some material off with "our lady" to make him some tracksuit pants. I just cannot find winter clothes for him. He's such an awkward size.
    Hmm, we've banned the PC a few times over the passed few months. It just make everyone "ongeskuk". It really is true what they say about too much screen time.
    Have a good week Cat

    1. Those are actually more crates and quite big than toolboxes and works wonderfully. Maybe I just was not in the mood for a kiddy movie - I did enjoy Peanuts quite a lot but I am a Peanuts fan. I laughed a lot at the historical and geographical references in the last Minions movie.

  5. Ja, perhaps it's what you are in the mood for. After 30 minutes of the minions "talking" I was feeling a bit irritated. Also a big Snoopy fan. Ag well, it's no use if we all like the same thing hey.

  6. Husband and Fjord took days sorting out all his lego, now he's in a big Lego phase again. I see 1 x 42000 on my shopping list (wishful thinking on his part). You remind me that we haven't been to a movie for yonks

  7. I had the same feeling after the "Angry Birds" movie, so you are not alone. I have to take Jana clothes shopping because all her tracksuit pants are at least 10cm to short, there again you are not alone. I hate shopping, and going with an almost 16y old and a 10y old is not my idea of fun!!!

  8. Poor A hope Her Foot is healed in no time . Lol at angry birds having nothing for the adults. It's been a very long time I watched any movie .


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