Thursday, 12 June 2008


I am just so surprised and exited. One of the projects we worked on won on of the Halala Joburg awards last night - and award by the City of Johannesburg for the best Inner city rejuvenation project that involves retail or office space. The ceremony was a posh affair inside a great dome tent (on Constitution hill)with exquisitely appointed tables and great food. The only negative being that it was terribly cold ( 4 degrees C) outside and just slightly warmer inside.

We left the ceremony at 10:30 pm, arrived home in Pretoria at about 11:10, and had a nice cup of Hot chocolate with the hubby. Then expressed milk and had a quick shower - to be in bed by 0:30 am. To be woken up by L at 1:30 and only got him back to sleep at 2:00. A little bit tired today because The Boys have once again been spoiling us by being good sleepers. But will get into bed early tonight and it is the nanny's night to sleep with The Boys so I will have deep, undisturbed sleep. That's something I have noticed - one sleeps very light when you have babies in the house - when the responsibility is removed (ie nanny staying over), one definitely sleeps much deeper.


  1. congrats on the award! Hope you get a good nights sleep with the nanny!

  2. CONGRATS!!! Hopefully you will get some good sleep. I would have LOVED a nanny. My husband worked 3rd shift so that left me at home with 3 babies!!

    Thank you for the Congrats to my son and for stopping by my blog..

    I'm going to add you to my roll!!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS on the award. So jealous you have a nanny.

  4. Well done with the award! Certainly that's a reason to be proud. I hope the ceremony was fun in spite of the cold (it is winter there after all -- you should see winter here: not nearly so toasty!)

    And as I write, you're probably just getting up for work, so hopefully your sleep was as deep and restorative as you had hoped.

  5. Congratulations! How wonderful!
    :) Debi

    ps I tagged you on my blog. ;)

  6. Thanks guys! I work full time and really would not like my babies to go to childcare hence the nanny. If I did not work fulle time there would have been no nanny.


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