Monday, 9 June 2008

Playing house

Sunday was a lazy day at home - well as lazy as it gets with the kids around and H trying to finish some DIY started on Saturday. I try not to buy The Little Miss too many outfits that is not suitable for school as the range of occasions to wear them to is basically limited to church and parties - even to parties dresses are not always suitable. So I buy her two or so special outfits every year at a kiddies boutique - I like dress and pant suits, she likes anything vaguely resembling a dress and preferably pink. So I stumbled upon this outfit at one of the upper end retailers an I think it is so cute! It has a denim waistcoat that suits but she refused to wear that. She has two dresses from last year and one dress and pants suit that still fits fine, so no boutique shopping this year.

We erected her play tent in the garden as she asked for it. She immediately moved her doll's camping cot, pram and stove and pots and pans into the tent. When checking on her half an hour later, she was busy "having a nap " on top of her jungle gym. I asked here if her dolls are also napping - she said: " Yes, in their bedroom" I asked her why she wasn't napping with them and she replied that she is napping in her bedroom on the top floor of the house. On closer inspection I found the kitchen stuff in the drum of the jungle gym - she made a whole house out of her play tent and the jungle gym. Clever girl - in mommy's footsteps.


  1. what a great house and so cute that she wanted her own bedroom.

    I love that outfit, it's very Naartjie looking ... which is one of my favorite stores here in California, you should look up their website

  2. Hi,

    I came over to your blog after you left a message on mine. What beautiful children you have, and an interesting career.

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Now I shall be visiting your blog too.


  3. Love her outfit! Just adorable!
    And, what a GIRL! So cute!!!!

  4. I can't resist buying girls' clothes for my little one. Having been through the relatively boring boys department for the last few years, it's such a treat to buy 'pretty' things.

    And your big girl is a clever one too!

  5. Thanks for visiting KJ! Topnya, did you know Naartjie is a South African company and everything Naartjie is proudly made here? I did not know that they have shops in the US! I have a Naartjie factory shop near home. And the boutiques I was referring to is mostly Naartjie (prettyr costly here), but also Keedo (another proudly SA kiddies clothing brand I think might be international now). This outfit was Woolworths!

  6. You do dress her beautifully! Can't believe she was that small! Love her architecture :)

    Shame, poor Kendra wears boy clothes and very plain girls clothes :)

  7. @18257471fd52640602bdc9c2d059415d That was then - now she chooses herself - a little off beat sometimes, but she has her own little style going.

  8. Love that she created a whole little house for herself.  Very clever.


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