Sunday, 6 February 2011

The weekend report

I am sitting here tonight, watching the movie on Mnet and blogging away after another good, but busy weekend.
On Friday night Hunter worked late and I did some blogging blog reading and reading after making a really good pasta.

Saturday was a very busy day for us all, especially for the Princess who now have a more hectic social life than me and the hubby.
On Saturday morning she had a special little class party where we got to meet the other parents and her teacher on a social level and got a chance to see the kidlets interacting with their new friends.

The kids made photo frames for their class photo and calender.

On Saturday afternoon she had a play date with a friend while I met my old friend E that has been living in Istanbul for a very brief cup of coffee with other friends.

On Saturday night we had a braai with my mom while the Princess went to the movies with friends of ours.

This morning , after church, we went to visit Hunter's cousin A and his family. It turned into and all afternoon affair and the 3 girls and 2 boys played and played while we got the chance to catch up with each other. So much so that we had to wash away the mud there, gave them all a bath and drove back with two sleeping boys.  Needless to say, it was an early night for the kidlets.

It was a good weekend - now, I am going to have some tea and some of this: nutella bread, baked by my hubby.


  1. I've never heard of Nutella bread - please post the recipe.

    love all the pics of the kids and that friend K is gorgeous :)

  2. Can you post that recipe? I want some Nutella bread.

  3. that is one interesting looking loaf of bread! Yes...please post the recipe! nutella? good! bread? good!

    glad you had such a fun, if not busy, weekend!

    Lil Miss A looked like she was having so much fun with her friends!

  4. WOW look at that bread! STUNNING!

    The school fun day looks lovely :)

  5. Sounds like a *good for the soul* type of weekend. :)

  6. What a lovely weekend!

    That bread looks so yummy!!!

  7. Is it not amazing how these little people have such active diaries...I hear my daughter in law say the same thing about our little 5 year old Princess...I think its so sweet, but grateful I am no longer the taxi driver...hehehe

    Your daughter is such a happy and social girl, love seeing her with her other friends...

  8. I think that I am grateful that my son don't have such an active social life because we aren't that social either. So trying to social with other moms and dads is a struggle for us.
    Great looking bread that.

  9. Love that you say her social life is more hectic than yours ;-)
    Wait until she is a teenager! We also spent the whole of Friday and Saturday driving around the teen!

  10. You guys always have the best weekends:-)

  11. Love the first pic of the princess - she looks so happy and chilled.

    I reckon you're going to have to post the bread recipe!


  12. Your princess is a gorgeous little girl. I love to see all the photos of the children playing. This sounds like my kind of weekend.

    ...and please post the bread recipe.


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