Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Life's busy

Yes,I know I have been quiet around here but the honest truth is that I can hardly wait for tomorrow and this term to be over. To move that alarm half an hour or an hour on. It's dark in the mornings now when it goes off at 5:30 - have you noticed? 6:30 would be way more decent. A break from forms to be filled in, things to be organized and remembered. Just to breathe a bit. So let's recap the last week or so:

  • Mr C had the fire department visiting the school last week and he took his fire truck and helmet to school. They had so much fun with this theme for the week.

    • Mr C and Miss A had a water fun day at school on Friday - they loved it and had heaps of fun.
    •  The ballet concert is done and dusted for another year. I totally loved how much you can see the Princess' obvious enjoyment on stage. I loved how the big girls danced on point shoes on very modern French pop music. It was so well done. I love how big their troupe still is in grade 2 - extraordinary - generally the girls give up ballet between grade 1 and 4 with a big loss after grade 1. I am totally glad it's done though - those almost 2 days at the theatre is seriously tiring.

    • We spent Sunday at home, doing chores, making play dough and just relaxing. It was a good call.
    • My BIL and SIL with their two kids are arriving from Cape Town tomorrow for a week and a half visit.I have not yet seen my little 16 month old nephew and can not wait to see how big he is! Here's hoping the cousins will all get along.
    • We are going on a great long weekend at a game farm from Thursday to Sunday where we will relax with them and our friends S&I - 6 grown ups and 8 kids. Busy, but should be fun. Lots to do for the kids and us.
    • We will celebrate a landmark birthday there when my BFF, boyfriend and hubby turns 40. 
    • We have had two great report cards from the grade 2 and the grade R kiddos. The grade RR still to come but I am proud of how hard they all try. Which is totally what we expect from them.
    • We had Miss A's teacher's stork tea and farewell yesterday. I literally popped in to hang the decorations I made and for her to arrive.
    • I then dashed off to meet my BFF visiting from Calgary. I have not seen her for 3 and a half years and amazingly nothing has changed. We can still talk forever. It feels like yesterday. I just wish it was easier to have a cup of coffee together. Or wait, that has changed - she does not drink coffee anymore. But the friendship of 20 plus years? Still strong.Nothing has changed there.
    So are you planning a long weekend or working on Friday? And what's happening? Blog reading has taken a bit of a back seat here but I am getting other things done. 


    1. That sounds like a crazy busy week! Congrats on the great report cards.

    2. love all the pics and congrats on the reports!

      Hope H has a fabulous birthday - did you get him some Cadbury's mini choc easter eggs????? :)

      1. I really should....although he would be fine with a bag of Whispers too

    3. Each one of your children gets more and more stunning as time passes. You have some gorgeous kiddos. We had a really busy weekend last weekend, but lots of fun. Hopefully this weekend will be more quiet!

    4. Gosh my friend. Life is very busy at the moment. I love the pics - especially the one of you and A and the one of L with the play dough. Congrats on the great reports! And how DIVINE that you got to connect with your friend? I just LOVE those friendships where it seems to just carry on.
      My DH and I are both working on Friday - we are so forward thinking!

    5. Wishing you a happy holiday! I am off to Ballito for Easter ... I can't wait!

    6. Hope you have an awesome weekend away

    7. I love that the ballet concert is done and dusted with for the year. I wouldn't mind that as well.
      Just staying at home for the holiday days coming - we are planning some day trips though which should be fun :)

    8. Enjoy your weekend! We are also camping this weekend.
      Love the photos!

    9. It's been far too long since I popped in here for an update. I can't believe how big the kids are and wow, what great activities they have at school.

      I hope you have a wonderful time with your family visiting.

    10. Your pictures are always so wonderful, Cat. Cannot get over how Little Miss just seems to get more and more beautiful with each passing day. :)

    11. You are a busy, busy lady...I take my hat off to you my friend. So glad you had time to spend with an old friend.


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