Thursday, 18 July 2013

Every girl's best friend

So who have been every girl's best friend for over 50 years? Barbie of course! So huge was the excitement when the Princess and I were invited to attend the launch of Mega Blok's Barbie range. If you are a regular reader you will also know that we love construction toys in the Jugglingact household - we do believe they are the very best toys ever combining imaginative play with creativity ,planning and  fine motor skills. So imagine combining Barbie and the wonderful creative and educational world of blocks! A total winner in my books.
The pet shop - first on the Princess' Christmas wish list.
The wonderful ladies from Prima toys had tables full of sets to play with and it is no wonder very little food or sweets got consumed in 2 hours as the girls were just playing and building all the time. A stood in awe in front of the display case that held the entire collection. I know now what will be the standard grade 2 girl gift for this year - some Mega Bloks Barbie of course! Although shown as from age 4 up I do think the 8 years olds enjoy being able to build it themselves and will still play with it for years. A particularly loved the fact that the tiny Barbie, Ken and the rest of the gang dolls had interchangeable hair and "clothes" with accessories - most of all the little pets Barbie has - we saw a kitten, a poodle and a chihuahua

The party was styled by Pretty things for you and my, were the girls spoiled with the prettiest pink and white Barbie sweetie buffet. Melinda can really style a party to the absolute detail.
Thanks to Prima Toys for inviting us to play along and for the wonderful party pack that each girl received - A played with her Barbies and their puppies for the rest of Sunday and once again last night. A firm favorite already.
Have a look in your local toy shop where the range is available right now - there is something for every little girl. 

The full collection includes compatible Build ‘n Style play sets, such as: Luxury Mansion, Fashion Boutique, Pet Shop, Convertible, Pool Party, and so much more. Unique to Mega Bloks, most play sets include removable “building plates” – platforms on which girls build each room – for easy building and styling play. And for the classic Barbie fashion and hair play, all Mega Bloks Barbie play sets include one or more mini-fashion figures of Barbie and her friends with interchangeable hair styles and outfits. For more info on Mega Bloks Barbie range visit


  1. You look SO LOVELY in that photo :)

  2. I saw these and am definately going to buy some for Polly. How big are the 'barbies'?

    I see you're wearing your rokkie! Need to wear my again too!

    1. They are about the length of my ring finger if that gives you and idea.

  3. Gosh. That is any little girl's dream. Gives me ideas for a gift for Leane when she has her birthday next month.

  4. How lovely! Such a treat and what a good idea! Funny how Barbie has remained such a firm favourite after all these years :)

  5. The girls just got a set and they are in love. While I have issues with Barbie, these are more along the lines of playmobil which is a big deal in our house!

  6. I can imagine that this mash up between two already favourite toys must be a big hit. :-)

  7. Wow! It looks like a definite item to put on birthday and Christmas lists!

  8. Oh that looks so cool Cat, thanks for sharing.
    It must have been an awesome day out with your princess. I can think of a little girl here in Australia that would really love that pet shop too! :)

  9. Cool event and glad the two of you enjoyed it so much. Can't belief that Barbie is 50 years already!

  10. How cool that you got invited! I LOVED LOVED LOVED Barbie when I was a little girl. I think I may buy one for myself as a birthday gift to myself! How crazy am I?

  11. Nice. You should take A "shopping" at Edgar's sandton city. She'll fall in love with the princess dressing rooms :)


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