Wednesday, 24 July 2013

So life is the usual busy plus some more

The third time is rolling along at top speed and yes, all are well but busy. At the moment I am bravely converting to windows 8, duel screens and all at the same time. For two days my desk has been a bit odd looking but by this afternoon most is sorted, copied, transferred and re installed. I hope....
We had a good weekend with the hubby having to work quite a bit, the kids very nicely entertaining themselves with all sorts of things.Between Hunter and I we cooked 7 meals on Sunday - I have realized that making a lot of meals for the freezer makes all the difference in out home. The longer the time it takes to have the meal on the table is directly related to the bigger the fight around eating the dinner is going to be. If that makes sense at all.

But let me share some of the things the kids entertained themselves with:
flower arranging

Building and imaginaery space ship -  Lunch (toasted ham and cheese sarmies) was served on Mercurius, desert on Uranus (Lamingtons) and rest time on Mars (a DVD in the lounge)

Gosh I love these 3 little monsters! We also spend a good 2 hours in the park on Sunday, went to family church once again after the holidays and much more.

I have always wanted my kids to have a brother and or sister to share their life with - growing up, creating memories and building ties. I love that I am seeing this in action (well most days if we work through the fights)

So how are you?


  1. Ouchie to the big bang on the forehead.. that must have hurt! Your kids look they are having fun together! :)

  2. LOVE the pics of the kids playing and the glimpse of your home :)

    I have a nice pic of L that I need to send you!

    PS you do know you left the l out of juggling? :)

  3. Lovely photos, special memories created :)

  4. You make it look easy. I love my brother to bits, but what I most remember while growing up was the FIGHTS! Seriously, bleeding was not that uncommon for either of us.

  5. Ek was so opgewonde toe ek sien jy het 'n blog post gedoen. Beautiful photos. Isn't it wonderful when your kids can go for imaginary flights into space. Love the last photo of is perfect in EVERY sense.

  6. That last photo makes my heart happy :)


  7. I hear you on meal time - I have mastered the art of prepping a meal in 15 minutes! D doesn't get it so often spends ages in the kitchen and then the kids wolf down the food in seconds and he gets upset!

  8. I think that last photo is perfect

  9. My top tip for surviving a work week - make enough food to last for a week. Makes a big difference.

    Love the last picture.

  10. Life has been very busy here lately, too and I'm not even working full time right now! It just seems that life gets busier and busier at every turn now as the kids grow up! Love the photos! Hope you are well!

  11. I think boys are just much more busier and "ongeluk voƫls" than girls. My son was and still are like that. Sigh - my nerves :)
    I agree, making food in advance helps a lot especially with us mothers working full time.


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