Thursday, 23 April 2015

Yesterday morning was one of those great mornings

10 minutes before the time we usually leave for school we had bags packed, teeth brushed, hair done, omegas taken, dogs fed, contact lenses in. Maybe the time saving margin was just too great.

Wednesdays are busy days in our household - so we have 3 school bags, two judo bags, one music bag, my handbag, work bag and little cooler bag that need to get into the car. We also had 3 bags of too small shoes to take for charity for barefoot day. So I send out the kids with bags to pack into the car while I discuss the lunch food with Lucy.

We leave the house 5 minutes early. We chat about all sorts of things. L discuss his newest obsession - where our allegiance lie withing rugby teams. What if Ireland played England - who do we support. And so forth. C reminds me that although we found out what Poytr Tchaikovsky's name was we forgot to listen to his music (one of our little general knowledge items that popped up last week. A discuss the music playing on the radio and plans to build a model bridge for a project. Lots of talking.

We get to the school just about the usual time - it only takes us about 8 minutes to get to school. Stop, apply body lotion to legs (we roll like that - they all hate it but I sort of force them in the car), leisurely open the back door of the car. Start loading bags......just to notice we are one school bag short! Jip, Mr L's school bag, in all this abundance of time, was left behind. Meanwhile my phone rings - Lucy to inform me about said bag. Sigh! So I send the kids in, assure Mr L I will bring his bag and drive back home. As I step through the gate at the school, bag in hand, the last notes of the National anthem plays .... gosh, in time! Just in time. And I thought we were early this morning?


  1. I think we've all done that before. My office is really close to home, so I always have a few mins to pop back after I've dropped Jake. At the end of last term, I walked in to find his mondeling with key cards all on the dining room table. I flew back to school and managed to get there just in time! He hadn't even realised he'd forgotten them at home, but was SO relieve to have them! The things we do for our kids...

  2. Story of my life! We were about to leave this morning (I had foolishly thought that we were all dressed and ready to go) and walked into the girls room to fin Riya completely undressed. Like what the actual. So we were very, very late.

  3. Every morning, it's a scramble to find uniforms, homework, glasses/book/socks/PE kit... You'd think that after several years of parenting school-going children, I'd have it down pat but it never changes. It's one of my biggest frustrations right now... And I've also had to bring forgotten lunches, school bags, PE kit (that could not be found earlier) more times than I care to remember!

    1. The rule in our house is that everything is packed and ready the night before. As it was on Wednesday morning too....


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