Friday, 5 August 2016

Five for Friday edition 15

Wow Friday - a week with public holidays always confuse me a bit.

 1. On Tuesday we voted - for the first time in many years it actually felt as if your vote may mean something. We went early and on Hunters' suggestion took coffee and rusks for the 4 police officers that manned our station. It was such  feel good moment when they were thrilled with such a small gesture. They work really long hours during elections.
 2. If you thought it was a bit colder than the weather report looks this week I think you were spot on. The whole cricket pitch cover was covered with a layer of substantially thick ice yesterday morning. Brrrr.
 3. I have started another drawings challenge with a bit of a difference called Zentagles. I am loving it even more as it is so close to the doodles I always used to draw. If you want to join have a look at my Instagram feed. Below is days 1-4 and 5 in pencil.
4. A friend and I went to see "Me before you" on Saturday night. I went with an open mind trying not to compare with the book and just thoroughly enjoyed it. It is such a beautifully made movie - almost every scene is breathtakingly beautiful. And the characters were perfect. Nathan is such a hunk though! A solid 9/10 for entertainment. We cried buckets full of tears.
5. We had such a lovely blog drop from My Little Ponies this week. When A cleaned out her toys she kept a few things - among them every single pony she has and played the rest of that day with them . She was delighted to add the beautiful Rainbow dash to her collection. Watch Nicktoons from this month on channel 308 for all that Pony magic.
I hope you all had a great week and enjoy the weekend. Any 5 for Fridays?


  1. I always love seeing your doodles...and now your zentangles. I'm not a doodler, but a colleague of mine is. It's mesmerizing to watch!

    And I saw that! It's been a HOT summer here...rarely below the 90's. I love heat, but this feels a bit extreme, even for me, with how extended it's been.

    Glad you had a good week! Happy Sunday!

    1. We had a very hot summer too but this is a really cold winter. Which we hope will translate in a wet summer - we really need rain

  2. Thanks for the great review of me before you - I will have to check it out! What a lovely gesture for the police officers well done! Here is my 5 for Friday because I got the idea right here on your blog! Will try to keep it going every Friday because I do so enjoy reading yours every week!

    1. Thanks Anthea - I think we need to start a linky...

  3. EEEEK going to watch "Me before you" tomorrow night. Taking lots of tissues. BTW I love your artwork on Insta! I can only draw stick people. hahaha

  4. Hope you were plead with the election results, we were, things are improving slowly, it's all down hill here in the Uk with Brexit

  5. Finally catching up on commenting on blogs. Technology woes

    Ha ha the holiday definitely messed with you because elections was on Wednesday not Tuesday :)

    Everyone I know have said they cried during that movie which is interesting because most people have read the book and know what to expect


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