Friday, 2 December 2016

Five for Friday edition 24

1. It was our Princess' turn on Wednesday to receive recognition for the year's work at school. We are very proud of her. The list of achievements were long - topped by the much sought after Top ten achiever award.  Also a special mention for their hockey team who won the league without conceding one single goal!

2. We had the very best burgers ever on  Wednesday night as we did a quick celebratory dinner with the kids on their achievements this year. we went to Burger Bistro and my word! Best ever! I had the Marilyn Monroe - melted brie with strawberry, balsamic and black pepper jam. The chips are really exceptional too and the menu is priced well. We will certainly visit them again soon.

3. We are opening the Lego Star Wars Advent calendar this year - to much excitement from the kids. Follow us n Instagram @catjuggles to discover every day's treat hidden behind the windows. It is a great one for the kids - no sweets and sugar and a lot of fun. I can not believe I went to all that trouble to make advent calendars before discovery the Lego ones! We have done the Lego City and Lego Friends ones in the past but the kids are huge Star Wars fans so it is promising to be the best one ever.

4. Today is the last day to get the cheaper pre sold tickets for Pretoria's biggest and most beautiful Christmas Carol event - you can buy them here. I am so looking forward to spread the joy of singing and Christmas! There are also tickets available at the doors and children 12 and under are free! (no ids under 4 allowed)

5. The kids have completed their Stikeez 2 collection - one for the 3 of them, with me only visiting Pick n Pay once. I told them I am totally not doing Stikeez this time - the previous time it drove me nuts as we do not have a Pick n Pay conveniently situated between the work and home route. But my mom took over the task, collected in the retirement villages and in a bink of an eye - and with swopping 4 at school, their collection was done. I relented and bought the collectors box and that was it!

Any 5 or Fridays to share?


  1. Love the advent calendar! Next year I want one as well!

  2. I just told J that if K ever wants an advent calendar we're only going to get the lego one. Also yay for your concert happening soon :)

  3. Well done A... good job mom and dad. That burger looks amazing. And yay for sugar free stress free advent calendar

  4. Stikeez2 has been banned in our house, due to the way our 3 handled the first range. If we get any we give them away before we leave the shop!

  5. Congrats to all the kids for doing so well.
    We did out monthly shopping on Friday and Liam got 37 Stikeez! He only needed 2 to complete his collection so I have a bunch of left over Stikeez which I put on display in a nice jar.

  6. Your kids are kids to be proud of. Well done to them. We are doing well on the Stikeez front. HB was lucky to be given about 8 by another shopper. Also, the people at the office give theirs to me as well. The teacher supervises their swopping.
    We love Burger Bistro. Our whole office will order their burgers every so often (we work down the road from them).


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