Thursday, 21 April 2011

About customer service etc.

So you are about to get one of those bullet point ramblings when I have just too much to say for one well composed, subject related post.
  • I have managed to complete our 2009 photobook in time before we leave for the Qphoto special. We will wait to see how they perform, but with us being away for quite a while there should be no issue. I think I have managed to design a bit better but realized how great those photos a day that I had for the 2010 book enlarge your choice. I should start taking pics every day again.
  • I have had excellent service from Brooklyn Optica. They make Little man L's new glasses every year and comes recommended by his eye specialist. His last pair of Fisher Price glasses are still in great condition after a year's use. His new glasses lost the hinge and broke at the back after 2 days. I could not believe it. I went to them asap and they had a look at the glasses and agreed with me that it was a factory problem and would replace it with no cost. This was Tuesday morning. An hour later they confirmed that the supplier had an identical frame in stock and it is being sent over to them asap and that the glasses should be ready by Friday. They offered to see if they can adjust his old frame to be more comfortable but we decided that it was fine for a few days. Early Friday morning they phoned to confirm that it was ready to collect. In my book, excellent service. I would really recommend them. (And they handle the whole medical aid claim etc for you - bonus!)

  • We had a terrible night last night - both boys awake and L taking 2 hours to go back to sleep. I just do not know any more. Maybe it was just an "odd" night?
  • I have a spasm in my left shoulder that today has me in tears. I will get it looked after before the end of the day - I can not go away like this.
  • We got little baby Lindt Easter bunnies at the office today. Yummy!
  • I am not sure if I am at all going to blog or read blogs while away - I will see how I feel. Am really planning to take it easy and hoping for some rest and sleep.
  • So to all of my friends in the computer, may you have a blessed Easter break


    1. Sorry about the sleep!!

      I am so keen to do a photo book but right now my plate is over flowing and the budget isn't allowing for more :)

    2. Have a great break. Even from us, your blogbuddies - we will be here upon your return. Safe travels Cat. xx

    3. I've yet to put one together. I know; get on with it hey? Have a wonderful time in Natal.

    4. Have an awesome break! It sounds like you need it:-)

    5. I love how you do your photobooks. I do so many albums for clients and don't have any of my own child. Best I get cracking hey. I hope you have a wonderful break

    6. another beautiful book!!

      Hope you get a much needed break and lots of so deserve it! Happy Easter!

      April is Autism Awareness Month. I'm dedicating my blog all month long to Autism.

    7. Hope you had an awesome break.... we sure did. I heard from Shayne that you were on the south coast.... us too. Pity we weren't organised enough to meet up! :(

    8. I rest assured Kirsty that we live close enough to meet up in any event.

    9. Oh I LOVE the idea of doing a yearly photo book.
      Makes me want to cry that I didn't take ANY pictures from September-October because I was so depressed dealing with the newness of Russ' infidelity. ugh :(


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