Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The lovely Julia thinks this blog is lovely

The lovely Julia gave me a blog award over the weekend. Now Julia, I really get. When she thinks she rambles, I follow the whole reasoning well. I love her honest posts. She straight forward and one of the girls I would love to meet one day. Thanks girl.

And the rules are..
1. Choose five (or more) other people who deserve this award and pass it on.
2. Tell 7 facts about yourself.
3. Let the people you gave the award to know.
4. Thank the person who gave you the award.

1. So here goes with the task at hand: Chosen as they came to me purely randomly:
1. Shayne at TimeOut - and yes, her blog is private, but I love her. I love her gorgeous pictures, I love her fashion posts, I love her very beautiful life on the farm - but most of all I love her honesty.
2. Pam at An Ordinary life - I love blogs about, well, just life. And the lives we live.
3. Hayley at Everything in between - some more just life, and the most beautiful pictures.
4. Margot at Jou ma se blerrie blog - She tells it like it is and is stuggling through Motherhood with more than a few challenges.
5. Mel- at Super mom - I love her honesty too and her blogpost today just spoke to me.

2. 7 facts - gosh, and you do know quite a lot about me already:
1. My favorite snack with tea in the evenings is a marshmallow easter egg melted between two marie biscuits.
2. I often take my lunch break from the office on my own, with a book for just a coffee somewhere. Or sometimes I just sit under the tree in our garden. I love my own company now and again. The people at the office think this is weird - I can not think why it is.
3. I love classical music - it is my favorite. My car radio is mostly on  Classic FM.
4. My big toe is shorter than my second toe - with a lot! None of the kids seem to have inherited this weirdness.
5. I am really good with remembering faces - I might have seen you once, years ago and I will remember your face. Names, not so much. Really uncomfortable to always admit that someone looks familiar, but you have not idea who they are.

3. Will leave you all comments now.
4. Done in the intro.


  1. @ae6f03a74be54924532f9e4a218581b4  @526350ebf642a2873ae5bbb618e71f90 @e0e489fc4ec6017f073ed0a9e8f2241a GO see this blogpost for my feet: http://juggelingactoflife.blogspot.com/2010/04/we-have-just-returned.html

  2. I also so bad at remembering names!

  3. I completely understand why you'd want to luch alone.  After all, you're ALWAYS with people demanding your attention.  We all need a little peace and quiet!

  4. Aw - I love you too!  Thank you for this :)

    Did I see your toes I wonder, or did you tell me?  I knew this about you - youmust have told me.

    Have you ever tried braaied marshamallow eggs?  Try them - you do them like you do marshmallows - Yumminess personified.

    Yes, I'm also good at remembering faces.  x

  5. I love reading about the small things...I also want to see a pic of your feet now.

  6. LOL now I want to see a picture of your feet :)

    and yes, I love Julia too. I also desperately want to meet her but at least I have spoken to her on the telephone :)

  7. Congrats

  8. Thank you very much.

  9. Awww....so sweet.I LOVE classical music too. Play a bit in the evenings when my sons don't want to settle down. Calms them down a lot.x


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