Friday, 18 November 2011

Today.....things I know

  • I am still so very in love with the beautiful anniversary roses my hubby gave me (he often does, on or close to the 10th of the month). They are truly stunning and smell great too - not often the cut roses smell great. But sadly die so soon in the heat.
  • I am busy making photobooks for the grandparents for their Christmas gifts - it's going to take a lot of effort but I know it will be the best presents ever.
  • I am a bit at loss for a present for the hubby - we always do books, but he has so many to read.
  • The social schedule for the next few weeks is hectic - speeding towards the end of the year. 4 Kiddies parties, one concert, one charity Christmas tree, one grade R graduation and concert, two friends socials, one birthday and one anniversary.
  • I can not believe I am going to buy school clothes for the Princess today. Gosh, she is really going to grade 1.
  • After a lot of thinking and asking around, I have ordered some labels over the internet to mark those hundreds of pencils, etc in the school pack we bought for grade 1. I hope they are worth it, but for sure they will save time.I ordered from Staystuck over the internet and they are beautiful.
  • I am excited to have Christmas at home this year with all the grandparents and some more family to share the day. We have done it the last 2 years and we love it.
  • I have all the little bits to make our advent calender and will post the pdf to all soon. Excited to start with the Christmas excitement.(If you do not have one yet, look at my post  - still prepared to mail the template)
  • 3 weeks, and my work year is over! For a glorious full 4weeks of holiday. 
So, what's happening in your word?


  1. I've used similar labels on my son's pencils before and for me they worked great.
    4 weeks of leave? Now that IS wonderful. Mine only starts in 5 weeks time, for 2.5 weeks. Oh well, at least it is something :)
    Glad your advent calenders are coming along. Can't wait to see the finish product :)

  2. I think photo books are an awesome present. I've made one for my dad the past two father's days, and he loved them. I also make photo calendars as gifts, and those seem always to be welcome, too.

    Since your hubby has several books in the queue, could you think about something to complement his reading? Does he drink coffee or tea when he reads? Need a new bookmark? Just a couple of random thoughts from my random mind. :)

    And how wonderful that you'll have 4 weeks of holiday!

  3. I desperately need a holiday! But until then, my schedule is similar to yours..!

  4. I'm exhausted and the holidays cannot come soon enough! Even tho we had 2 days in PE it was rush rush rush and then rushing home again and now i'm baking baing baking!

    Never ends.

    And am feeling so anxious about being 40. Quite ridiculous!

  5. I am also doing photo books for my parents :) Am half way and it is rather time consuming!!

    I label the old fashioned way - with a black permanent marker!

  6. We also label stuff the old fashioned way, with a marker but in our first year of school we did go all out and buy labels.
    Would Hunter go for an experience gift?
    You are sooooo lucky to be getting a whole 4 weeks!
    I'm taking 2 weeks and it starts a month from now. Have booked a place for us to go and camp. Must scan your old camping posts for tips - it's our first time...

  7. Julia started me on a thing since giving me those personalised stickers - I am now hooked. I am half way with an order on the internet - I want to put stickers on everything :)

    I just checked my Groupon and I see they expire 2 Dec so best I get cracking too.

  8. Only 1 thing happening in my world right now - Funrazor. Excited and nervous, but will be glad when it is over. Am so far behind in my Christmas planning...

  9. We do the photo calendars for the grandparents. They always love then despite it being time consuming!

  10. That list is proof that the silly season will soon be in full am tired already.


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