Friday, 21 May 2010

Friday - 21 May 2010:

PhotoStory Friday
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Wow, this week has just flown by! It has been just crazy at work and this weekend I will have to catch up too! I am dead tired. I have noticed that my  pictures are more and more becoming a way of documenting our daily lives than particularly good pictures. I have started to make a photo a day book to print at the end of the year of my 365 shots.
  14 May 2010:

Her natural state - grass in the hair and face not that clean, but the eyes really speak to you. This was taken in granny's car as she headed for her first sleepover at granny's. It went so well she stayed for two nights. She loved it, we were sort of sad.

  15 May 2010:
The chapel at the wedding as the sun started to set.

  16 May 2010:
A South African braaivleis fire - Hunter prefers wood over charcoal. And definitely not gas.

  17 May 2010:
I had to take the canvas off the playtent to wash - amazing how they still recognize the archytipical frame as "house".

  18 May 2010:
Her trusty purple crocs - well worn, but still loved. We had huge tears when she lost her butterfly Jibbitz at school, but when I brought home the Jasmine one to go with Tinkerbell happyness returned.

  19 May 2010:
No week will be complete without a flower shot. This time I bought Irisses for the home.

  20 May 2010:
The newest offering from th epottery class - a little plane. And yes, I know her hands are dirty and her nails too long, but it was a great day for play.

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  1. I love all of them especially the princess. Beautiful eyes. And I am not even an eye person. But those are just hard to miss. Gorgeous. And I love the crocs picture too.

  2. Good morning...great photo's must consider doing the Team Up Thursday with a friend...

  3. Love that you combined this post with my meme. That is so awesome of you. Thank you.

    And that is a really cool plane.

    And it is awesome that you are going to make a book out of your photos. I know that your kids will love it some day.

  4. lovely photos.

    Have a wonderful weekend


  5. Love teh croc shot.

    Gorgeous pics, as always. I'm also struggling at the mo - and finding that just taking the 'daily' shots seems to be a bit boring!

  6. Very nice pictures! My daughter wants the tinkerbell and jasmine shoes.

  7. The close up of the pottery plane is just the kind of un-portrait that I LOVE. I'd have that one on my wall in a heartbeat!

  8. Your pictures are beautiful. I love the crocs--I have similar pictures of my kids'. Why oh why won't those darn Jibbitz stay in???

  9. Beautiful photos - truly beautiful!
    I love irises - they are one of my favorite flowers!

  10. There is nothing I treasure more than the little clay gifts my kids have custom made for me. They put so much heartfelt effort into it at that age and the best part is when you look closely or rub your hands over, you can see and feel the indentations of their sweet baby fingers. As they get older those treasures become even sweeter — if that's possible!

  11. I photo-tagged you, seeing as your photography is so awesome these days!! Check it out on my blog!

  12. Gorgeous shot of your daughter...she is beautiful...I laughed a little about the FIRST know how often I have my little ones...they love Oumie's house;-D

    Gorgeous little airplane.

    All in all I always look forward to your 365 photos...they are always inspiring.

  13. I love the pic of the sunset. I was just taking photos of our Irises today!

  14. Don't worry about the photo duldrums - we all get there eventually, and then when eventually come back out of it. I'm there myself right now :)

    The chapel at sunset is gorgeous! Well done!

    As for the first picture, no one notices grass in the hair or the dirty face -- because you can't tear yourself away from those beautiful eyes!


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